The Weekend Roadster

Having a fleet of historic cars should not break the bank when it comes to registration. In Victoria, registration for a vehicle can cost over $800 per year. If you own one or more historic cars, that can get quite expensive.

If you only drive your historic car on the road a few days a year, then the full registration cost can make this prohibitive. The vehicle may remain in the garage, a showpiece for only their owner to see. What's the point of owning a historic car if you can't drive it.

Fortunately for the historic car enthusiast in Victoria, a discounted registration fee of $150 will allow you to drive your historic vehicle for up to 90 days per year. To qualify as a historic vehicle, it needs to be over 25 years old, be in good working order, and the owner must be a member of an approved car club.

Many members of the Zoom-Zoom club take advantage of this type of registration. They buy themselves a roadster that is over 25 years old and register it on this scheme. It is the opportunity to get that wind in your hair experience, whilst enjoying a drive on some great roads—the perfect weekend roadster.

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