I'm too old for that shit

I have just returned from dropping my daughter and a carload of her friends off at the Bridge Hotel near the city. They are celebrating my daughter's birthday and look set to have a great time.

As I've grown older, I prefer a night in at home, watching a movie while drinking a cup of tea and hopping into bed well before midnight. My days of drinking copious amounts of alcohol are behind me. Of course, when I reflect on what I did at her age, I did just the same things. I drank a lot of alcohol, stayed out late and paid the price for it the next day. Getting smashed was a right of passage, and we all did it.

My daughter and her friends seem to have a lot more common sense than my friends and me at the same age. They always look after each other when they are out, and they never drink and drive, never. Of course, they like to drink, but they don't seem to get too smashed.

I am happy that my daughter and her friends can enjoy each others company and have a great night out on the turps. But for me, I'm too old for that shit.