A day at the races

For some people, having a spirited drive on the roads is not enough. These are the people that like to take their car on a race track and push it to its ultimate limit, sometimes coming unstuck in the process. I am one of those people.

One of my roadsters is set up for the race track, and I didn't have to make many changes to get it ready. The key changes were aimed at safety and included rollover protection, racing seat and a four-point racing harness. Add the personal safety equipment, helmet, HANS device, race suit and gloves, and I am all set to go.

Delicacy and balance are the main principles of fast driving on the track. Progressive inputs to the brakes, steering and accelerator are all required to keep the car balanced at its grip limits. Stomping on the pedals or jerking at the wheel is sure to push you over that limit, the result of which is usually a slide or a spin.

Whilst accidents are rare, an occasional off-track excursion is possible when you are pushing the limits. When you get to that point of sliding off the track at high speed, you are just hoping there is no fence or other obstacle to hit. If you bend it, then you mend it, there is no insurance cover on the track.

You don’t need to be Lewis Hamilton to enjoy a day at the races. You just need to bring along your enthusiasm and a desire to get the most from your car and yourself.
I love these descriptions especially as I pull off a mini version speeding around the neighborhood. 
2021-01-08 00:20:08

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