Roadster Mods

Though the latest roadsters have all the right gear on them from new, you might want to consider some mods. You can do many different modifications, but it will all depend on whether you want the changes to impact its appearance or performance.

Getting the right sound is important. A new muffler can make all the difference, without making it too much louder than the standard muffler. Whatever muffler you get it needs to have a deep burbling sound when you are on the gas, but not be too loud when in cruising mode.

A lower stance always looks good on a roadster, and the suspension is always easy to modify. Installing some lower springs and sports shockers, and you will have a great looking sports car that sits close to the road and handles the bends with aplomb.

To set off the appearance, add a new set of wheels and tyres won't go astray. Fitting larger, wider wheels and tire will always look great, as long as they don't rub on the guards.

Suppose you are keen on a performance gain, bolt in a supercharger to give it some more squirt. Get it right though, because you don't want to blow up the motor with that extra power.

It doesn't matter which mods you chose for your roadster. They will always look good, regardless.
Is it possible to customize these options when buying brand new or does it make more sense to do it after market?
2021-01-08 13:31:34
These mods are generally after-market. You get a broader choice on what you want to do and can do. Manufacturers tend to offer some of the cosmetic accessories only, rear spoilers, sides skirts, etc.
2021-01-09 07:19:02

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