API and DevRel

There's a job in tech called Developer Relations.

They're the first line of defense between the angry software user and the engineering team responsible for the unusable applications we all make today.

Of course, those applications work fine internally, and we didn't do extensive enough research to understand crazy edge cases. So, we hire a technical person who loves talking to other developers. We let them do things like educate and network. It's fun. It's useful - and most importantly, it helps engineers feel like they have a voice.

The DevRel of Adagia is Abe himself. And, he's pretty good at it.
I am? Lol I thought you were getting errors and I left for dinner while you wre trying to get it to work??
2021-01-09 00:19:16
The fact that you care about processing requests and prioritizing user value and have an API at all -- shows you care -- if even a little.
2021-01-09 21:17:59