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Continuing the posts by Seun and Sir Abe on friendships...
I too had the best friends when I was at the university in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. That was the first time in my young life that I found a group of people that I connected with. 

Since I didn't grow up in Ethiopia, it took me a while to get the culture and jokes in high school. I didn't really get along with too many people and I was focused on doing well in the school leaving exams. 

But once I joined the university, I met people of all backgrounds and personalities. The education was free but very difficult.  I was amazed at the students that came from far off villages despite having the odds stacked against them. Most times, they would be the first person from their village to pursue college education so there would be a big bonfire ceremony for them as they left. And there were also some filthy rich students who had different cars for different days of the week. But all of us had a group we connected with. 

The semester lasted for 4 months. Almost everyone would chill for 3 months. By chill, I mean, we go for long walks, talk about everything under the sun, and save up to buy tea at the cheapest caf矇 for a few pennies. Then we spend the entire last month at the library trying to cram all the material. 

The best part of friendship then was how uncomplicated it was. Since there was so much diversity, everyone gravitated towards people that they got along with. I particularly loved the debates where we were all talking about the things we learnt in our philosophy, psychology and economics class. That was the first time I got to learn about socialism, religion, logic and history. Fascinating things that weren't available in my life before. And debating them and developing our opinions over casual walks and cheap tea is a priceless experience I wish I can repeat.  
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Oh, that fifth paragraph, how true 不不不. We would chill away the large part of the semester until Assessment Tests knocks the door.

And the third paragraph. I knew several folks back on Campus who were the first and/or only in the family to gain admission into the University.

2021-01-10 21:35:49
Yes Seun - I already know there is a lot of similarity between east and west Africa. 
2021-01-12 02:05:36