I got covid

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Except I didn't. But I am in quarantine. Two negative tests, the homemade kind, and it doesn't matter I still got to quarantine. The other half - my half an orange - she got the positive result. She had the schniffles, she had the aches and the tiredness, but only for a few days and the fever only once and not too high. She'd come back from the hiking club and I kissed her. We talked, ate, slept together. I was very tired two days later but negative. She got better, I stayed the same (as in, no symptoms) and got another test. Still nil, nothing, zilch. No vaccine either. She already had her two jabs of Pfizer. 
Nobody cares. Nobody thinks it's weird. 
"Vaccines aren't 100% effective"
"You may be asymptomatic"
"The Delta variant is lighter"
"Maybe you're immune"
That one was my favorite. 

Hmmm - sorry to hear that Gabriel. From what I have heard, the test are notorious in both false negatives and false positives. Treat it like you are positive and please take care of yourself. 
2021-08-05 15:03:33
I treated it very seriously, but to no avail, the 'rona didn't take me seriously at all. 
2021-08-05 23:31:39