A welcome

Hi Sheila,

It is nice to have you walk back to me again.
I see you have been through an interesting roller coast of emotions since we last met on a platform like this.

I remember what writing consistently used to do for you.
Oh let's not mistaken, I know you have been journaling religiously as an act of purge.
I must say I have found that very commendable.
I know sometimes you wonder if there's a script you need to live by that you're losing sight of.
But as we have met here once again, I will share the same answer that I've always shared with you, 'you are doing you and that is all that is required.'
Never forget that.

So yes, welcome to life.
I hope you have an incredible ride - whatever form and shape that takes. 

While reading this I thought for moments that it was me who was writing this welcome letter to you. Funny that it was you writing to yourself. 

Do you remember Seun from the old days of 
2021-08-23 02:15:29
Haha I can be a little bit obsessed with myself sometimes but I love that I am so.

Oh yes, I do remember
. Truly lovely to see you all here. It feels familiar and I love this feeling. Thank you
 for not forgetting me.
2021-08-23 09:39:29