Growing up, TV was a huge medium of entertainment. There was nothing else. Sights of kids watching a neighbours TV from the window were commonplace. Way back, TV stations don't start broadcast until 4 pm and close for the day by midnight. On weekends broadcast started by midday thereabouts. The introduction of the VHS player improved the experience. You can watch something in spite of the TV Stations.

A couple of days back, I realised about 5 or more folks in different parts of the house were consuming entertainment yet the TV was not on. That caught my attention.

Alas, the true meaning of "media democratisation" dwelled on me.

Why did it catch my attention? Maybe because I used to go watch TV standing by the neighbour's window also.
Yeah - I relate to this. This is the perfect example of the paradox of choice. I know we enjoyed the one channel for the few hours it was on - way more than scrolling through Neflix now hoping to find something that can meet our high expectations. 
2021-01-13 04:45:33
Ha yes! Funny that
just pondered this in his post about The Last Dance.

I do think that the paradox of abundance in entertainment has to do with how we approach entertainment from a plurality.

A part of us desires to be entertained solely based on the quality of the content. So let's say I might watch The Wire for that.

But a part of us also desires to be a part of a community. If that community is based on discussing ideas/philosophy/etc spun off on a quality show then they can find that async by discussing the show and spunoff ideas with other viewers between viewings.

However a part of us want to partake in local social groups. Where there is a physical place... and physical people... and a physical time where we like to go to and share moments together. 

Similar to how a small town with few pubs makes it easy for you to just go and hang out with people even if your pub doesn't have the best beer selection, as you get so many pubs to decide from you might start spending more and more time indexing on other things that make it harder to decide.
2021-01-13 17:56:43