Clarity is hard. It’s not impossible but it’s hard work. 

Knowing exactly what to do is no easy task depending on what you are working on. Knowing and keeping to doing the exact thing you should be doing over a long period of time is stuff of legends. 

Learning on the internet is great. Knowing which knowledge is for you is difficult. At least you won’t find that on the surface level. Or you’d stumble on it after several trials and errors. 

In a age of deluge of information as ours, clarity is a treasure. 

I may not know all the ways to clarity, but I know some 

1) Thinking for yourself. Don’t outsource your thinking. Learn to think things through. This requires being a skeptic by default. But it pays on the long run
2) Experience. Of course, after several trials and errors you’d gain sharp ability to discern and isolate fluff and hype.  
Thinking for yourself is a tough one. Because it's so important yet at the same time the only way to think well for oneself is to be open to changing the way one thinks based on others'... especially wiser ones than us.

experience is a great one. I think often we delude ourselves into thinking we are getting a lot of experience.. but we're just scrolling through 
 head nodding at things we already knew/experienced. 
2021-08-27 02:32:19

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