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My Twitter feed consisted mostly of what people would consider "money twitter". Tim Ferriss and Joe Rogan type of content. Libertarian, respectful of classical education while simultaneously prowling for new hacks, and bullish on individualism type of influencers and content.

Anyways, a trope on my feed was this idea that...
Thinking for yourself is a tough one. Because it's so important yet at the same time the only way to think well for oneself is to be open to changing the way one thinks based on others'... especially wiser ones than us.

experience is a great one. I think often we delude ourselves into thinking we are getting a lot of experience.. but we're just scrolling through 
 head nodding at things we already knew/experienced. 
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Flash Fiction Practice

I once watched two people fall in love and it made me sad. One of them was my roommate, and I was sad because when it happened, I didn't feel anything.

We had all gone to high school together... somehow we were living in the same house. Ivan, the guy, fell...

Flash Fiction Practice
She waited eagerly

She waited eagerly. Everyday. Especially when walking under the summer sky on her walks, wondering what this winter would be like. 

She secretly hoped that COVID would be worse this year. That it would be bad enough that her university would let her work from home again. 

She wanted this...
Keni and Brandon have you heard anything about Magnesium. It's currently a big thing with a lot of guys on the Church of 
 who claim that it's been great for their mood and sleep.
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More than decent
I honestly can't claim any horizon projects because I'm not working on anything at the moment that I have outcome based expectations for yet.

I do have general expectations for continuing to develop the world of 
and the characters within it... which I'm doing in the "I found the diaries of Greco" series, but even with that I see it more as practice than a thing I'm horizoning.

Let me know if I'm thinking of horizon projects different than you. I'm interpreting it as the biggest, active project that you are planning to complete.


Similarly to the saving hte best part for later fallacy that writers make, I think you should just write it through. Write it through because then the real part begins. Finding what's wrong with it and why it sucks.

Most writers seem to do a better job with fixing bad writing then creating bad writing. Most writers refuse to write bad stuff so they sit with their phone in their hands staring at
or motiviational
videos instead.

Trust me, your story's going to suck really bad. No matter how great you think it is in your head. So get it out and then let's make it good.

I touch on this in 
Rewriting is easier than writing Yours Truly

Also recommend the article that's mentioned in that post. In fact just read that.
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Documenting Adagia
Corners as reply to Internet Corners

Abraham Kim
Even the big spaces like Twitter have their own corners within them. The difference between big places and small corners though is that the latter continues to design intentionally for the specific corner crowd.

Product Hunt and Angel List was designed specifically from the get-go for a niche case. A...

200 Words a Day
What makes a legend?

Tim Subiaco will always be a legend to me. He was one of the rare members who wrote fiction everyday. Almost all the other people couldn't manage it. They either were like me and got stuck by the allure of writing the more easy nonfiction or they just stopped showing...
I am starting to think that the things that make a business successful - boils down to the basic things that most of us need on an individual level. 

Boom that's all it is. Organizations/businesses are there simply because it proved to be the best way to deliver some type of affect to humans. As in 
Jack Dorsey
said it best that he was never trying to found a company when founding
. It just got to the point where having a company was the only way to get Twitter to operate at the scale needed.

Now this is not to say that all incumbent businesses are pure and holy. Often the environment will be conducive to the growth and sustanence of lackluster organizations. This is where disruption is possible.
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Abe's Glog
Welcome to America

If you're lucky you'll get to live long enough that your lens' grows cloudy. It doesn't matter how sharp your base vision is before this gradual formation. Even if you were seeing 20/8 (the accepted max visual acuity for humans) the world will still appear obscured to you through cataracts...