Sometimes it's really difficult to stop yourself from saying things in the tone you really want to. Some situations call for being professional or assuming the person is not stupid. So you pick a gentler tone, you hedge your words a bit to give them some room to manoeuvre. You don't accuse. You don't insult. You add a few extra words at the end to soften it up.

And sometimes they still don't get it.

Maybe it's all a waste of time. Some people don't respond well to bluntness but they could learn. It'd be more satisfying to me. I'd waste less time on pointless conversations. But some part of me always drifts back to being rational and imagining if I was on the other side of it. Sigh. I wish I could turn that off. Sometimes.
As a consultant, I have to have the filter in place all the time. The client is the customer, and while I may tell them truths they don't want to hear, it must always be in a professional manner.
2021-01-13 13:40:24
Keenen what do you do for a living?? I asked this in another comment but never got a response. Lol i'm wondering what situations you find yourself in that make you ruminate the above.
2021-01-13 17:34:45
 I must've missed it. I'm a software developer so dealing with other devs can have this effect lol
2021-01-14 00:50:01
Lol never knew expected you to be talking about devs when reading this. Wow strange! How often do you work with other devs? For some reason I pictured you as the lone solo gunslinger
2021-01-15 21:06:26
Haha all the time actually! For my job at least. It's mostly fine just sometimes...ugh..
2021-01-18 06:32:53