Productivity is my happy drug

It is a struggle the set the engine rolling and get significant work done today.
I have so much work to do and I am almost overwhelmed to the point where I am actually unable to start work.
I have attempted to write everything down and just take one thing at a time. 
I have done that and on my to-do list I have "writing on adagia" on it.
I mean this writing exercise does not necessary contribute directly to my productivity but it calms my mind and I love it.
So yes, this is to help check off one thing on my list.
Going to get in the tough work now and hopefully I make myself proud at the end of the day.
Being productive is such a happiness drug for me and I am looking forward to an overdose today - even though I am starting with a slow momentum.
I hope that you, 
, and I get to soon use 
's checklist Software soon. she will be revealing it on Oct 3! 

Just adding more pressure here. and excitement hehe

2021-09-07 01:57:45
Done. Y'all on my list already.
The 4 productivity musketeers!
2021-09-07 02:39:00