Back to Work

I resumed work today after being on a two-week break.
I was really tensed about getting back whiles I was on leave and I wondered why.
I guess I was having a much needed rest that I wished would have lasted forever.
Today, I begin work again and I am actually filled with good energy.
I am particularly proud that I am carrying myself through this very well.
I made sure I got adequate rest over the weekend and had an easy morning routine.
I guess that is significantly helping.
I have over 100 emails to attend to and my brain is likely to explode lol but I am going to ease myself into things and not rush like I always do.
I trust the universe to carry me through the week successfully till the intensity and flow stabilizes. 

100 emails? Are all of them individual needs you must attend to? I just imagine many emails to be 1 email asking for one thing, followed by few more piled on top augumenting the previous email.
2021-09-28 00:34:48
Some are linked and some are individual needs but I have been able to get them out of the way and that makes me happy now. 
2021-09-28 09:58:11