Accomodating new ideas.

When you come across a new idea, you must assimilate it in the reality parsing simulation machine, your own mind. If the new idea does not fit with your existing axioms (beliefs about how the world works), it will not be considered valid and consequently will not be believed. Some ideas can be rejected at first but later on, find a place in your mind by systematically refuting existing axioms and creating what we call a paradigm shift. When this shift occurs, perception no longer operates on the same premises as before. The new idea (believed to be valid - true) has forced the entire set of beliefs to readjust, either by being reinforced or refuted. This dynamic is largely unconscious and can cause tremendous turmoil to a person without understanding what is actually going on.

It can be something apparently profane and subtle in its effect, like reading a poem, watching a movie, looking at a piece of art, reading a book.

It can also be something more destabilizing like: getting a divorce, being cheated on, having kids, losing or changing jobs, accidents, etc.

This dynamic cannot be avoided. It's part of life, and to want to shield yourself from 'change' means to refuse to live. This apparently 'perturbing' event is enabling a space for possibility in one's mind. It's like you've been granted a blank canvas to re-imagine yourself. It is not a time to linger on the past, but on the contrary, to engage creativity and, experience everything anew. The way we understand these pivotal moments determines whether we re-emerge better or worse.

Life is a creative act; life is a perpetual change.