After the Trip

I know, I know, I’m late for the party. Christoph and I returned to Austria back last Monday and I was back at work on Wednesday (Tuesday was a public holiday). Since I was at the Red Bull Racing Track in Spielberg on Tuesday, as there was a Tesla Club Austria event, I didn’t manage to put anything down. :)

However, today is another public holiday here in Austria and finally, I have time to take a look at how the whole trip went.

You can take a look at the full statistics gathered by Teslascope here: 

I will briefly sum up the totals: 1585 kilometres, 240,56kWh charged, a total of 95,69€ paid for charging.
That breaks down to the following: average consumption 151,77Wh per kilometre, 0,397€ per kWh.

The consumption is really great in contrast to what I entered into A better route planner (189Wh/km). So we could have saved a few euros on charging, but as we were driving there, was playing more on the save side. As we were heading back on Monday I drove the car more to its limits (lower than 15% leftover at the charging stop). That also meant we were on the road less time.

The whole driving time was 18 hours and 49 minutes. That brings the average speed to a whopping 84,23 kilometres per hour. A pretty high value if you ask me.

Also, Autopilot performed way better than I could ever expect. Out of the almost 19 hours of driving, I maybe drove two to three hours myself when we were at road construction sites.

Now we know that let's have a look at the other financial site of the trip. How much everything did cost:
  • Tesla Supercharging: 95,69€
  • Airbnb: 687,95€
  • Uber: 422,58€
  • Eating and drinking: 1274,34€
  • Conference Tickets: 159€
Which sums up to a total of 2639,56€ or 1319,78€ per Person for a 5-day trip. Not bad.

Obviously, we could have saved tons of money if we wouldn‘t have driven with Uber Black and instead used public transport (or AirBnB was directly beneath a major train station), but that wouldn’t have been as fun. :)

Although lunch was included at the conference, I‘m a little bit shocked at the money for eating. Sure way paid once for 7 people (a few German guys I know for a few years; 300 CHF if I remember correctly) and sponsored a few drinks for a few younger people at one club (maybe another 150 CHF). But on the other side, we had some really great dishes.

So, although it was a costly trip, it was a fun one and that is what matters the most :)
That TeslaScope app is really cool.

By the way of course food costs a lot! You ahve to pay for your own food and also the food/rent of hte people making it and also the food/rent of the people in the entire supply chain of agriculture!

It costs more to charge a human than it does a slick car. Even if it's a 
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