Flash Fiction Practice
may 17 as reply to Dialogue

Abraham Kim
Uber Tesla coworking space May 17
He held the top of the steering wheel with his large hands. In college he had played basketball. Now he drove for  Uber . It was an electric car, although not a  Tesla . But because he could charge the car it meant he got to take home more money...

PO Box 915
creepy as reply to no respect

Abraham Kim
reddit Tesla post office non-chalant prostitutes Aphex Twin superstitions
Nobody could ever hate Larry, a cheery, old man who could get on your nerves, asking for inconvenient favors. But he wasn't the type to sear into your memory. 

The only times he thought about Larry was when he ran into him outside in the parking lot, or if he...

PO Box 915
alone as reply to Cool dog

Abraham Kim
Uber Tesla photos rent dogsitting
His car was finally ready for pickup at the garage. But because he was no longer splitting rent with his girlfriend and had started eating out every meal, he was flat out broke, unable to  Uber there. So he had to ask one of his friends.

He wished he could ask...

PO Box 915
waiting in the unit as reply to hey stranger

Abraham Kim
Tesla Apartment package gravity motel Tinder
The black  Tesla pulled into the parking lot of the  Apartment building that had its unit doors directly facing outside like an old school motel . 

Zach's goodbye felt nice. Like a sentimental ribbon tied onto a package that made all the things that had happened nicer. He needed that....

Screw inside a wheel

paramedic Tesla car Apartment
Last Saturday I was doing a short paramedic duty. When I was finished I went to my car and wondered why it was telling me that there is low pressure inside the tires.

Since it is winter a low-pressure warning normally isn't something bothering me, because if the temperature is below...

Flash Fiction Practice
At Night

Tesla Subaru cigarette Ford
It must've been years since the last time he walked alone, out onto the street, this late at night, after having drinks.

Rain had come and gone. Now he felt as though he was walking through mist rather than being hit by falling raindrops.

He was two blocks over from the smack...
After the Trip
That TeslaScope app is really cool.

By the way of course food costs a lot! You ahve to pay for your own food and also the food/rent of hte people making it and also the food/rent of the people in the entire supply chain of agriculture!

It costs more to charge a human than it does a slick car. Even if it's a 
Abraham Kim