Too many books, too little reading

Using the excuse that I don't have time to read would be a lie. Social media sort of gives this medium from which it's almost better to talk about what you're doing versus actually doing it quietly. It's no accident that many of my favorite conversations are with people who have good boundaries around the ways they share on social media. 

I've noticed that I used to read a lot more before I found all of these new ways to distract myself, that aren't particular productive or helpful. I like the connection of being able to reach out to people I don't see often. I miss having routine interactions, but have also found that so much of my time was spent trying to bolster connections that didn't really fit with my everyday life. If you have enough of these interactions, you spend more time trying to forge paths that don't fit easily, than living the life you purport to care about.

I think all of this probably comes down to discipline, but I've demonstrated throughout my life that discipline for me is a function of habit, routine, structure, and timing. Also, the older I get, the more difficult it gets to have patience for the sorts of things I want when it feels like it should be easier now than it was when my life wasn't where I wanted it to be. 

I realize that this isn't really about books. But it is, because my table and shelves are littered with books I can barely crack open. No one knows this but me, because I've surely shared them. But so much of my life right now is about trying to share things, versus just experience them alone. I can't decide if it's because I feel tired of doing things by myself (I am) or if it's that I think connecting with others is going to fill some lasting void that I've created for myself.

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