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In 1997, I was in my senior year of high school. I was the most tenured member of the high school tennis team, which itself was a bit of a surprise. For context, I've played tennis since I was 9 and started getting lessons at 11. This was entirely self-directed,...
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Silly life stories

This site and the final demise of livejournal made me reflect on all the superfluous stories that make up our lives. Like, I don't know that every one of them needs to be documented or if people should just have their letters burned when they die. But I just think...
2022-03-11 20:50:28

The dating shift

I need to read a book about the shift from the majority of people in the US meeting partners online versus through real life/social connections/in-person. I hadn't thought about how distorting it is to become accustomed to all your interactions with dating coming via preferential algorithms that don't really know...
2022-02-16 16:51:52

The Structures not just the game

Coaching high school tennis is fun, I enjoy seeing the growth in kids over the three month season. Because I have a day job that's not in education, I find the entrenched ideas that folks inhabit in that world really difficult to deal with. Naturally, I come with ideas on...
2022-01-25 04:17:03

A place of my own

This site has been great even if I'm not habitually writing, having a place like Tumblr once was for me, where I can just write for the sake of writing has been nice. Last year, I thought I might switch jobs and so I lazily redirected my personal site to...
2022-01-23 18:16:58

Field of view

Choosing someone who doesn’t have the field of vision that you have can cause you to derail your own train. It’s obviously contextual, because growing up with somebody and evolving together is different than when you’re on your own path or worse, when you’ve had opportunities to grow through bad...
2022-01-19 05:06:09

On Journeys

I was talking earlier to a friend about benchmarking yourself against other people's journeys. It's one thing to be motivated or inspired by someone who exists in your orbit. I have had many people who would walk down the same streets or hallways as me, and seeing them do something...
2022-01-15 05:40:17

Reflections on a new year

Reflections on a new year I ran across this posting for a tennis coaching job in a state I’ve never had any desire to live in. Well, I actually did live in that state for 3 months during my Air Force training 24 years ago, but the point is, it...
2022-01-05 07:53:01

Untitled Shared at Dec 20, 2021

I really need to spend this week working on my website. I moved it somewhere easy for a while, but now that I don't need a fancy site. 
2021-12-20 18:50:43

The Designer's Share of the Problem

So that's the title of my upcoming talk in Oslo next week. I've had a hard time scaling down my ideas into something digestible, because I'm thinking too broadly about what I want to discuss.

The original talk centers around the idea of harm being embedded into everyday experiences and how...
2021-11-25 22:38:32