Basement Writing

I was reading something about “your writing space” recently, but I can’t remember when or where. However, the thought was along: it doesn’t matter where you write as long as you’re not distracted by something.

At first, I was thinking about the VR working space I was writing about recently, but as I was checking on the district heating this week I noticed a room inside the Apartment building I’m living in.

Since the building was built in the 70s, there was the requirement to build an atomic shelter. So we’ve got one in the basement. Although I only entered the “upper” part, where the district heating enters the building. There is an obstructed stairway that leads further down. I’m not sure if I can easily access that room or if it is even filled with garbage. 

The upper part alone could be an interesting writing space too. There is a blast door and besides the pumps of the district heating, there is nothing inside making noise. As a side effect, I don’t have a signal down there. Neither on my mobile nor on my Apartments WLAN. So no distractions via Notifications.

Maybe I should just take an hourglass with me and walk down there to unleash my creativity.
Do you own an hourglass? How long does it take for the sand to all pass through? lol

For me I have more of a writing time than a space. As in time seems to impact my writing more than location. For me the mornings work best.
2021-11-14 22:32:07
I've got three actually. One at work and two at home. All have around 25 to 30 minutes, so I can do the Pomodoro technique :)
But I always forget to use them.
2021-11-15 17:13:57