I have had a Fitbit device for nearly a decade now. I am very attracted to bi0-hacking/health promoting type of devices and when I saw the types of data a Fitbit could provide, I was sold. And this week, I got an email from the CEO announcing their acquisition by Google. 

What impressed me the most about Fitbit was their relentless dedication to marketing their product. The first time I heard of Fitbit, it was through my employer. The genius marketing program that Fitbit participated in with companies across America is likely the reason for their remarkable success. If it hadn't been for the discount rate and encouragement by my employer, I may never have discovered Fitbit before apple or google fitness devices. 

Another key feature that attracted me to Fitbit and kept me from switching - the competitions. I have been in walking/step competitions with people for years now. The friendly challenge competitions encourage and promote healthy habits in addition to keeping things fun for someone like me. 

The fitness gear space is competitive and crowded. I believe that Fitbit mastered the execution of their product to point of being acquired by one of the biggest tech giants. So once again execution and marketing delivers. 
Short story. I had a Fitbit. It worked great. The band broke. I bought another band on Amazon. It was the wrong one and didn't fit my Fitbit. I was mad. I didn't return it. I didn't get another band. I never wore the Fitbit again. The end.
2021-01-16 23:54:16
Hilarious. I have done that a few times too but I have family members that are addicted to the challenge so they keep pulling me in. It is a great way to have fun while becoming healthy.
2021-01-18 23:23:57