Old Friends

"Currently on headache duty. Don't get jealous."

I took a bit of a baguette and withdrew back to my room.

Closing the door, my sinuses knew they were free again to reclaim my attention. They put on quite a show, one their audience had no hope of leaving early.

"You caused me to miss my streak," I told them.

They didn't mind. More personal time, they called it.

The bastards.
lmao do your friends even care about your streak? it's prob a foreign concept to them no? 

then maybe not. maybe that's why i don't like the idea of fixating on a 
, since i recognize that it's recognized so universally.
2021-12-21 14:49:36
they're always fun to keep, but used too often to excuse discontinuation if they flag. but also streak means that i'd force myself to pick up the proverbial pen and write something - but sometimes that just meant drivel or low-effort slag. but i guess drivel and slag are still outputs, to clear up the clogs in the pipes?
2021-12-21 15:43:28