Christmas cards are a waste of time

I was having a conversation with my girlfriend yesterday, in which I reiterated my belief that most Christmas cards are a waste of time. 

Why go through all the hassle to buy generic Christmas cards, sign your name, address envelopes, attach stamps, and mail these out? All just for me to receive it and have no reaction other than dreading something else to shred.

There are exceptions. I have friends who send creative Christmas cards with pictures of the family. At least with those cards, I can look at the pictures and marvel and how big the kids are getting. My aunt sent a Christmas card with a two-page, single-spaced update, which is always a great read. This is what I want from a Christmas card. Personalization.

"But it's the thought that counts." Is it? If you are going to go through the trouble, why not make it personal?

If it's something I would get from my dentist's office, don't bother sending it.

Do you agree?
I was in disagreement when i read the title but once I learned what you meant by 'Christmas Cards" I agreed. And actually I 100 percent agree with It's the thought that counts as in if you send out commercial cards with none of your individual, creative input then no thought was put it.
2020-12-14 20:20:53
My bad. Some thought was put into the commercial cards too. Because the person had to think about buying it and stamping it and sending it out and signing their name at the bottom. 

Just not enough for it to elevate it past the 'waste of time' marker
2020-12-14 20:22:05
That headline was by design. I'm glad we agree.
2020-12-14 21:02:32
Designing Headlines

By Seth Go--- wait what? Oh. Fuck thought we had that sorted? No. Kay. Fine. mmmhmmmm 

By Brandon Wilson.
2020-12-14 21:46:31