Personal Best Lap Time

The Mazda MX-5 has a reputation as the most popular club motorsport vehicle in the world. I regularly compete in a sprint championship with the MX-5 Club. Sprint motorsport is a high-speed discipline where each driver sets their fastest time around a race track, with the quickest driver being declared the winner.

Though I compete against other drivers for the coveted trophies, motorsport sprints are not always about beating the other drivers but improving your own personal best lap time. Sometimes, I can measure that improvement in seconds, at other times, it may be a fraction of a second. It doesn't matter how much you beat it by, attaining a new personal best lap time on any racetrack is a satisfying achievement.

I record my personal best lap times and always consult that list before heading out to a track day. Knowing the target for the day is helpful, but you are never guaranteed to get a new best lap time. Tomorrow, I am heading to the Phillip Island Grand Prix track for my first track day of the year. My personal best at this track is 2:01.1569, which I set in July 2020.

Achieving a personal best lap time becomes increasing harder, as I need all the right conditions to go faster in my car. Though I don't do a new personal best lap time every time I go out on the track, it is a lot of fun trying.
Zoom Zoom! I like how the documented record is measured to the ten-thousandth decimal place.
2022-01-15 17:44:30
That kind of precision definitely lends to atomic record breaking lol
2022-01-16 16:45:08