Untitled Shared at Jan 23, 2022

My favorite place to write is on a weekend with nothing scheduled at work and a clear block of time when I know I will not be hungry for a while.

Having a strong coffee helps with this.

At best I may get about two or three hours in spent in that place. But I will of course not do that much writing.

Yesterday was busy for me. Not work wise but socially. Not particularly a bad thing but I noticed that once I returned home I could not dare to click on the URL bar and type in docs.google.com or adagia.org. I would have sooner been able to do 25 pull ups.

But it seemed so easy to click the ready-made button for Netflix.

Today, I am about to leave the cafe. And i notice that I hadn't wrote much at all. Or I have wrote nothing.
I have scribbled into my notebook for an hour and scrolled around Instagram and some old personal emails. But besides that nothing to show.
Welcome back! At least you got to share this.

but i'd like to share that I believe writing straight into a notebook using pen is the best way to get started for most.

I know that for me trying to write straight to share online was the best way to deter me from writing. It put too much pressure on me and it didn't even feel like i was writing to write but writing to share and writing to be read.

That's why i think number one ROI action is to write everyday privately -- preferrably onto paper -- until it eventually you feel that urge to write to share. It's like squeezing a lemon.
2022-01-23 16:28:22