Tea please

It is only in recent years that I have become a tea drinker. I am not too sure why I didn’t drink tea, but I have been a rusted-on coffee drinker for many years.

I can thank my friend for the appreciation of good coffee. He often provided me with fresh coffee beans from his nephew’s coffee roasting business. It doesn’t take much of a coffee connoisseur to taste the difference between fresh and stale coffee. When you drink what truly fresh coffee is, you can’t go back to just any coffee.

My preference for drinking coffee meant I was shut off to trying tea. I would gladly pronounce that I only ever drank coffee whenever offered a cup of tea. I guess you could have called me a coffee snob.

Without access to my fresh coffee on a recent holiday, I tried a cup of tea instead—nothing fancy, no milk, no sugar, just black tea. To my surprise, I found it refreshing and quite enjoyable. I still drink my coffee in the morning, but I now find myself drinking tea during the day and into the evening.

I am yet to embrace an Earl Grey, but a lovely English Breakfast tea seems to suit me perfectly.
I will remain a rusted-on coffee drinker until I can find a tea that suits my palate. 
2022-01-17 13:45:58