A place of my own

This site has been great even if I'm not habitually writing, having a place like Tumblr once was for me, where I can just write for the sake of writing has been nice. Last year, I thought I might switch jobs and so I lazily redirected my personal site to a Squarespace instance because I figured something slick would be easier for promotional purposes. 

It mostly did its job, but it was always stupid to have my site somewhere I was paying a monthly fee when I have 1) my own webspace 2) know how to build/deploy a website 3) use Github semi-regularly, etc., also the design of that service is really restrictive by design and that's irritating. Though it's useful for "building a site once and just updating it."

Anyway, I was resolved to stop paying months ago and kept getting bottlenecked because it's weird how it's somehow harder in 2022 to just throw up a boring website online than it used to be, because of the paradox of choice. (At least for me.) But I finally figured out what I wanted to do -- having a reintegrated blog with my personal site, after years of decoupling them -- but needed a boring JAMStack theme I could hack that didn't have so much complexity that I'd get annoyed. 

I found something and I've been working on the migration over the past few days, and I should finish it today mostly because I'm tired of it. (Also, because the Squarespace subscription ends tomorrow I think so I need to redirect my main domain!) 

Back when I tweeted more, I think blogging felt less relevant to me. I don't miss the stuff I didn't blog for years, and the few things that were worth keeping do have their own space online, but I do think it'd be nice to have a compendium of semi-serious thoughts to reflect on and a place to write talks. I've mostly hidden Medium posts over the year, deleted most old blogs and I don't have any major regrets about that -- most of that content isn't worth revisiting -- but I'm wondering if an omnibus presence that has a bit of everything (personal journey, updates on work, links to past talks) will serve me well moving forward. I'm betting that it will.