Random thoughts on Authority

Random thoughts on Authority
  • - A man's words written or spoken is as weighty as is presence. That is, the American president doesn't have to be physically present for his authority to stand.
  • - Thus, building on the above, proximity is kind of inconsequential in matters of authority.
  • - Physical look is irrelevant to authority. Sometimes we look at the Policemen and we're like I could beat up this guy if not for his uniform/gun.
  • - Authority is the highest form of power. It trumps physical power.
  • - Authority can be resisted. In fact, it often will be.
What are the main forms of authority that you observe? What forms of authority do you possess? 
2020-12-16 19:54:38
Tell that to the 300-pound guy next to you who wants your wallet. lol
2020-12-16 20:35:44
Isn't that authority via muscle though?
2020-12-16 20:42:40
have you ever been confronted by a 300 pound guy who wanted your wallet? lol
2020-12-16 21:16:00