Oz Grand Prix

In 2013, Mazda sponsored the Celebrity Challenge at the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix to promote the release of the all-new Mazda6. As part of the event, the Zoom Zoom club was invited to provide convertible vehicles to take the celebrity drivers on a parade lap of the circuit on the Sunday morning before the race.

Over the years, the Celebrity Challenge has been very competitive. The carnage has seen many of the cars written off at a considerable cost to the manufacturer during the event. Though the weather in 2013 forced delays in the schedule and ultimately the parade lap's cancellation, the whole weekend was great fun for those Zoom Zoom club members involved.

We were fortunate enough to be invited again in 2014 for the Mazda3 Celebrity Challenge. This time there were no schedule changes, and we got to take the celebrities on the parade lap of the Albert Park Circuit at a super-slow pace. It was a great day and an exciting opportunity to showcase the club and our cars at this world-class event.

Since 2015, the Zoom Zoom club has been back each year to participate in the Automotive Avenue Car Club Display. The display of cars at the Grand Prix contributes to the great atmosphere and includes a wide range of classic, new and custom-designed vehicles.

So, if you ever get a chance to go to the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix in April, be sure to look out for the Mazda MX-5s on display, say hello to the members and enjoy the event.

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