Paying the price

I sometimes can't understand why getting a suitable mobile phone holder for my car is so hard. I have tried so many different types, and none seem to suit my needs.

I am a little particular when putting a phone holder in my car. Due to the small interior size of my roadster, there are very few places that I can put a phone holder without it obstructing something else like the radio or a vent. I also don't want to block my view with one that suctions to the windscreen. First world problem, I know, but it has to be fit for purpose, or I am just going to toss it out.

After searching the internet, I found a phone holder made specifically for my roadster. It can attach to the dashboard without damaging it and fits snug around the contours. Sitting next to my car radio, I can easily connect it via USB for Apple CarPlay.

Unfortunately, it didn't come cheap. I had to source it from Germany and pay in Euros. The current exchange rate with the Australian dollar turned out to be quite an expensive purchase. Regardless of the cost, it fitted perfectly, and I was happy to pay the price.
Sometimes you just need a custom fit. I did the same thing with the windshield sun visor for the Mazda 3. The generic ones just don't cut it.
2022-02-10 13:25:38

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