Pete Griffin no more

I have put on a little podge over Christmas, and the belt is feeling a little tighter than usual. Time to consider a new diet. My daughter suggested the "Total Wellbeing Diet". It is a high protein, low GI eating plan scientifically formulated by Australia's national science agency, the CSIRO. No need to be sceptical about the science with this diet, apparently it works.

Now, I have been here before. About ten years ago, I looked like Pete Griffin on Family Guy. It was not a flattering look, so I stepped up my exercise, watched out for what I ate, and lost about 15 kilograms. It made a big difference, and I had to buy a whole new wardrobe.

I have become a little lazy with my diet in recent months, sneaking in a packet of potato chips on the way home from work, or a blueberry and pistachio muffin with a morning coffee. My diet wasn't bad, but a few bad habits had crept in. Not anymore, it is now smoothies and low-fat yoghurt from here on. If I lose about 10 kilograms, that should be enough to feel the belt's loosening.

In twelve weeks from now, I should be Pete Griffin no more.
Best wishes to you! I'm having my own weight struggles and stumbling out of the gate because my body is working against me. It is nice to know someone else is tightening the belt as well.
2021-01-18 12:56:57
blueberry and pistachio muffin with a morning coffee <--- yumm...

my plan, which you mention is the key to change -- is to sneak in a few habits ( but the kind that improve the situation rather than expand it ) I'm adding a bowl of veggies to my daily intake and a 20-minute bike ride.  Wish us luck.
2021-01-18 17:42:42