The other writing streak

It has now been two months since I got Writestreak in stable enough state that I was able to start using it as my primary platform. It wasn't that many days earlier when I started another writing streak: writing code for the Writestreak.

Unfortunately I can't say that it has lasted. As of today I have committed code for this project on 58 different days. There has been a couple of breaks, mostly during Christmas time. The best one I had was in the early days. After getting the working MVP out I had a small break, but after that there was 33 days straight when I wrote code every day. The current streak has been holding for 18 days now. Not long anymore to break the record for this one.

While there might be plenty of things to write for now I doubt this streak will last indefinitely. At some point there wont be that much of any meaningful work to be done on the site, or it just gets too boring maintenance stuff that I'll need a break. But hey, I can always start another rewrite if nothing else 😆... or maybe I could come up with another product idea to focus on. After all, it could be rather productive streak.