dog dinner

the excitement is real. all out energy injected into every muscle, just to get up and walk the 3 feet to the food bowl. the food is gone in 20 seconds or less, hardly hitting any taste buds, in its trip to the hounds stomach. now left to wait another 12 hours until the bowl is filled again. anybody want to go for a run? the excitement is real.
Tell the owner to get you one of those spiral things that make it so your meal lasts at least ten minutes!
2021-01-20 23:49:40
George come write about hypothetical television shows with us on Our TV Show Writing Tribe. I just invited you. 

You'll have to create a project to get started. You can do that by going to

sorry you'll have to copy and paste that into your browser URL. I haven't made comments allow clickable links yet.

Once you create a project -- you can name it whatever you want -- then you can go to our tribe and add that project to the tribe. Whatever you write in that project will be shared within the tribe so that you, Drew, and I can write about television all the time without the people in this global writing feed getting annoyed with us lol.
2021-01-20 23:56:21