Whose recommendation?

According to this NBC news article, Pfizer and Moderna say it's time for another booster for Everyone's Favorite Virus™️. Why on earth would we listen to them?

My double dose only lasted four months before I got it anyway. In my non-medical professional opinion, I don't need a booster. Contracting the virus was my booster.

"Four out of five dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day with Crest toothpaste." First of all, what's that one dentist recommending? Don't brush your teeth at all that way your mouth goes to hell and he cashes in on all the dental and gum work. And why are these dentists recommending a specific brand of toothpaste?

I remember the line from The Mask, the Jim Carrey movie not the Cher/Eric Stoltz movie Mask, where Jim's character goes to pick up his car from the mechanic who tells him the engine is shot and he needs a new transmission. Jim exclaims, "But I just dropped it off for an oil change!" There are plenty of hidden-camera stories of car repair shops recommending all kinds of extra work that is not needed. 

Any source of a recommendation that stands to benefit from you following said recommendation should always be questioned. 
Lol yes it is. Let me go ahead and omit the 'probably' qualifier.

My second favorite definitely is 
So much for...
 but i read it in my head as SO MUCH FOR...
2022-03-19 21:39:11