Hey, relax a little.

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"Weekend! Let's take a break."

It seems that weekends are a time to zoom out and take your focus off the work at hand. It's a time to relax, stay up a little later and do things you don't have time for during the week. It's a great time to take a mental break, break a habit and lose a hard-earned streak.

When it comes to writing on a weekend, it's best if you have a pre-commitment and know you're the kind of person who writes daily. As somebody nurturing a streak in the triple digits, I can't afford to spin the weekends into oblivion. I've got my writing to do.

I recently got back on the bike after years of inactivity. Prior to "taking a break" -- I had gotten up to the point I could ride 200 miles in a single day. Not daily, but I reached a certain level of achievement.  After that, I kinda went off the rails a bit.

"Who has 14.5 hours to spend on a bike?" --I thought to myself. 

"What's the point?" I reflected questioningly. 

"It's just a matter of putting in the time." -- I reasoned.

"If I can do this on a bike, what else could I do with my time?" -- and then I lost my streak.

I regret this line of reasoning. I had a great group of friends that spent time training - improving - pushing back on the resistance. In hindsight, it was fantastic. 

Okay, lesson learned and now I'm back at it. Which gives me the badge of honor to offer up this takeaway.

Well, maybe if you want to lose everything you've worked for, maybe all you need to do is "relax a little."
At first, I wasn't sure where you were going with this line of thinking, but I approve of your conclusion.
2021-01-24 18:44:00
What did you transfer those 14.5 hours of newfound hours to after quitting? For me almost always this happens when I stop something on the premise of 'who has XYZ hours for ABC?'

I stop. Am excited to use all these newfound hours on something more productive. One week later realize that I don't feel like I have a surplus of hours at all.
2021-01-24 22:21:46
Exactly. Abe. The trick might be to get something started before you cold-quit the other thing.
2021-01-25 03:39:18