Choose Your Mistakes

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If I reflect on the word mistake, a couple of ideas immediately get their hooks into me. First, learning — action from a place of no information. Second knowing - action when you know what you need to do but don't. 

A mistake while practicing a song on your saxophone is apparent. You just have to read the music to see the discrepancy. Mistakes are obvious. With the saxophone and pre-written music, you know when you're making a mistake.

But, there's Jazz. There can be mistakes in Jazz, but they're points of interest rather than errors. You may be jamming and hit upon a note that's not in the scale you're playing. You "improvise" and riff that into a new scale. It's a point of departure. In art, they call it a "beautiful oops." You can recover, repair, and redirect yourself so the mistake, while not intended, is completely usable.

Our experience is a matter of mental framing. When mistakes are made, our perception of whether it's bad or good can be reframed to meet our needs. This helps in how we feel about mistakes, but there is also the burden of responsibility or fault. 

Often, I know when I'm about to make a mistake. I might procrastinate or actually just choose the wrong thing. I'm actively making a mistake. I'll take responsibility for these. 

Things I couldn't have avoided due to ignorance, can be labeled mistakes in hindsight, but the onus isn't the same. 

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This is a great title for a text based video game. Want to make a text based choose your adventure game in a screenshare as a lesson for Cohort Coder?

Btw on my tongue Code Cohort works better. How'd you come to decide on Cohort Coder?
2021-01-27 19:57:26