The Story of Before & After

In 2021, the resume is dead. People in their 20s have never used one and never will — especially in a Zoom educated world. Why? Proof.

It's too easy in a full-video / no-code / free-tier world to not just create something that proves you've got the requisite skills. 

You want a sink fixed? Here's a Google doc where I've included two sets of before and after photos with contact information of the people who had me do the exact job you want. The testimonials, which I requested, are honest and reflect on how I am to work with as a person and my efficacy at task.

Why read a resume and try to discern what's true and what's not? Why worry about the college they went to when the skills they need are being taught for free on YouTube? If you went to MIT - then you know how to work within a system and jump through ever-tightening hoops to get the gold ring. Unfortunately, it doesn't actually mean you're more capable than a person who can direct their own learning by reaching out to authors and subject-matter experts on Twitter and asking for advice.

Want to get money? Get results. Then, document those results. Then, spread the documents in various channels where people gather and want those kinds of results for themselves. 

If you're name is Abe - help them imagine their life and business before and after Abe.

Want me to sign up for your email list, software subscription or coaching program? Document a process that helps me envision a compelling transformation in my own life. Tell me the before and after story of me.
I agree with you, but there are many companies stuck in their ways with resumes and traditional interview protocols. 
2021-01-28 20:48:42
If I ever ran hiring for an organization and I had free reign on how to design hiring I would actually ask all prospective hires to participate in an organization forum -- kind of like Adagia/Subreddit/Discourse whatever -- and see how they communicate. 

You can learn so much just based on this. I would probably have them do this for at least a month before hiring.
2021-01-29 04:42:31
Abe, I agree that a single interview or resume isn't able to show enough about a person to see if they're a good fit or even skilled. With Google / YouTube / Forums -- how much of your skill is transferred to communication and searching? I'd imagine being able to curate information in your brain is the new skill to have. ( or keep it out - but master the art of finding it again -- thus putting extra value / pressure on Google to ensure they'll keep it available to you for free, which they probably won't. )
2021-01-29 14:00:41
With Google / YouTube / Forums -- how much of your skill is transferred to communication and searching?

Could you elaborate on this? I'm not clear on what you mean here.

And I feel like curation of information ocvers both the adding-in and filtering-out like you hinted. And in today's time since it's an info inbundant world the latter will usually be more important.

And what's this last part about pressuring Google to ensure they keep information available to us for free? Lol I don't get this last part and it's prob because I didn't get the first quote from above that I'm asking clarification on.
2021-01-29 14:32:20