Writing without focus.

Ever show up and not feel like writing? No sparks in your brain seem to be catching. The kindling is wet. The fuel is covered and won't ignite.

It happens. In that moment, it's okay to reflect on the situation. Maybe try metaphor and analogy to connect your feelings to imagery. People can imagine damp sticks that won't light. What they don't expect is that you're trying to set your neighbor's house on fire.

What's the opposite of how you're feeling? One creativity hack is to find the opposite. This trick immediately gives you access to new possibilities. Permission reveals itself under the label "practice."

Now, you've expanded your thinking and have safe boundaries to play within. What might you try?

When playing with a drawing program, it's easy to duplicate a shape and change its orientation. Duplicate an oval and space the two apart and you might see a pair of eyes. Add a curved line and a face emerges. You can do the same with words. Statements turned into narrative reveal action and motive. The plot thickens. 

The emotional response of your reader could be triggered with a simple countdown timer tied to a briefcase — that's obviously a bomb.

Her writing felt stilted today. Her phone kept sending messages from somebody new. She understood it wouldn't go anywhere, but oh her imagination — a welcome distraction.