Poser un lapin 🐰

I'm trying to understand people who don't show up for meetings. I have this friend whom i know since many years and we were supposed to meet today. Well he didn't show up. I'm trying to understand why he didn't say yesterday night that he won't come. Anyway... I'll just let him be. I've had better days. Now I'm a bit pissed off at every body. I'm going to meet with my yoga teacher soon. I'm in a bakery now near the metro station. The coffee here is terrible and it costs 3 fuckin euros. Yesterday night i was at an art fair and concert. I talked a bit with some of the artists. One in particular caught up my attention because she was so much of a bitch. She was playing the main role in a porn movie that was going on in my head while talking to her. I guess she knew it that's why she was such a bitch. I'll bump into her again for sure. I went home early and started coding on something.
He prob made the plan just to be nice? And when the time came to actually come he didn't feel like coming?

2022-05-29 13:51:52
Lol you still code for fun? I swear i thought you only coded for money
2022-05-29 13:52:10
I code for fun, i gave up coding for money. 
2022-05-29 16:36:33