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had come suddenly. Sammy had not checked the weather this morning. It had seemed like one of those days where the weather was going to stay put the entire time.

She didn't mind the rain. Her car was built to handle wet roads and she felt safe inside of it as she listened to her 
while driving to her assignments.

These weeks were her favorite kind. Driving long distances to go help clients. Her family assumed that she spent most of her time in the court, but actually she spent most her time at an office doing paperwork and communicating with people digitally. All of this was necessary to prepare.

It had been about two months since she had gone on assignment. The current case was such a huge web of work that her boss had taken her off any other assignment so that she could focus solely on this one. Thus she had been shut inside of her office and the only driving she got to do were her weekend leisure ones. But driving without a purpose wasn't as enjoyable.

When you drove without a purpose stopping to get a coffee or a meal someplace felt like sharp reminders of how much time she was wasting. Simple things like coffee or ice cream just became impossible to enjoy and she'd feel like she was simply force feeding it to herself in order to not feel like she was wasting money as well.

But when she was on assignment to a place over an hour away from 
, she would enjoy taking a break along the way just to check out a hole in the wall based on a friend's recommendation.

Cool Beans had been the spot to visit this time. A new cafe that was located in a small no-name town right off the highway, recommended to her by her friend who had lived for several years in Europe before.

She had been planning on taking her coffee togo until she opened the door and was absorbed by the interior. By the time she reached the countertop she knew this was the type of
where you stayed. When the barista reached for the paper cup, Sammy injected, "actually, could I get that in a ceramic mug?"

Although she loved sipping coffee out of paper cups and thermoses on the highway, she also enjoyed sipping a black coffee out of a ceramic cup. She could feel the drink progressively coat her
sip after sip. She would glide her tongue across the front of her teeth with the coffee coating on them that provided a smooth sensation. Strange things pleased her. This is something she'd come to accept. It was probably the reason why she had her current position.

There was once a time when she was looking at a life of being a 
. When she had gone to college she had no plans of actually becoming someone who excelled in her career. She had been there more so because she knew that any husband that was worth his salt would want an educated woman. So an educated woman she would become. But unlike a lot of the girls she was surrounded by who were stressing over what job they would need to get after graduating or how much money they would earn, no such concerned her.

Sammy had to stop talking with her best friend from college because she would make Sammy feel like this was a bad thing to strive for. The best friend accused her for being what's wrong with 
. That Sammy was brainwashed and that she should in fact want a career. That she should never depend on a man to earn income.

It all became too suffocating after awhile, having to wear the burden of her best friend's insecurities. So she just distanced herself and things naturally happened. They stopped talking and there was no animosity. Back then Sammy was quite pissed about how her best friend would think and the type of values she would shove down people's throat. But now Sammy could see what was happening and she didn't harbor animosity towards her best friend. She could finally see that most didn't possess the privilege of aiming to be 'just' a housewife.

Some girls had to actually make a career out for themselves. Become real careerist women.

Sammy never needed to in the traditional sense. When people said they needed to get a job or advance their career it usually implied that they needed to feed their families, pay their bills, and take care of sick family members. But no such happened to Sammy. Instead she suddenly, one day became obsessed with a certain domain. And then she became totally immersed into it until she one day found herself in a quote unquote "career".

And now here she was. Driving to Guilford on this big assignment that she had been preparing for over 60 hour work weeks nonstop for the past two months. One might expect her to be tired but she was not at all. She was looking forward to the assignment. Being obsessed with your work made you such a way. She wondered if Georgie was like that too. Crazy that she ran into him here. Good ole
Georgie Wilcox
from college. She remembered him not doing well in school, but she remembered him having a good head on his shoulders.

She remembered being a little shocked however when she saw that Georgie had dropped out of State. It was the first person who was close to her who had dropped out. But now that he was a 
, she suddenly felt a new sense of optimism for her old friend. Seeing though as he must be self-trained since he had dropped out of college, he must be an ambitious man she thought. She made a mental note to find him online and reach out to him. She would love to grab coffee with him when this Guilford assignment finally calmed down a bit. For now she resisted the urge to go on social media to find him.

Her phone rung just then. It was Molly from the main office.


"Sammy, what time are you going to be returning?"

"I was planning on going straight home after Guilford. Why?"

"Well what time is that going to be?"

"4:30 maybe. As in I'll be arriving home at around that time."

"Could you come back to the office instead?"

"You couldn't just text this?"

"It's. You're right. I'm stupid. I should've done that--"

"I'm just fucking around. I'm taking a coffee break, you're not being a bother at--"

"--it's just that this felt weird texting this. Something is happening and I. I and Mr. Gardner might need you on site for the next few days?"

"What the fuck? You do realize that the Guilford Case is just beginning on-site today. Like I'm heading there right now."

"Yes. Mr. Gardner said he'd take care of it."

They exchanged a few more words and then Sammy said that she'd see Molly later and they hung up.

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