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The most interesting client was by far a man named Justice who lived in Seoul . By the time I joined the project, the team consisted of two Korean developers who had been working under Justice for an indeterminate amount of time and Pierce's two most senior devs stateside. I...

Flash Fiction Practice
Driving down 131

In the evening, the drive down 131 was remarkably different given the hour. One hour it would be magic hour, that perfect photographic lighting. Half hour later it would be twilight.

After a certain moment, small movements of time would no longer matter. Two or three hours could pass and the...
More than decent
I honestly can't claim any horizon projects because I'm not working on anything at the moment that I have outcome based expectations for yet.

I do have general expectations for continuing to develop the world of 
and the characters within it... which I'm doing in the "I found the diaries of Greco" series, but even with that I see it more as practice than a thing I'm horizoning.

Let me know if I'm thinking of horizon projects different than you. I'm interpreting it as the biggest, active project that you are planning to complete.


Similarly to the saving hte best part for later fallacy that writers make, I think you should just write it through. Write it through because then the real part begins. Finding what's wrong with it and why it sucks.

Most writers seem to do a better job with fixing bad writing then creating bad writing. Most writers refuse to write bad stuff so they sit with their phone in their hands staring at
or motiviational
videos instead.

Trust me, your story's going to suck really bad. No matter how great you think it is in your head. So get it out and then let's make it good.

I touch on this in 
Rewriting is easier than writing Yours Truly

Also recommend the article that's mentioned in that post. In fact just read that.
Abraham Kim
Three & nth
Exactly -> about a kernal sticking with you.

I think this is why it's more important at our level to try many different projects rather than get hung about one not working out so well.

When you say slow projects mean something more to us... I'm reminded of long projects. Like my world of 
I've been working on for years. Or at least in the world for years, even though I might not write for it for months at a time.

but I wouldn't call that a slow project... more of a long proejct.

right as i wrote this i just realized... it is slow. Just not slow in the way the slow projects I was imagining in my previous comments were. 

Macro Slow vs micro slow.

I love writing for 
... I love that you called it westtown that's hilarious. and no that's not just 
East Lansing
... it's kinda more Lansing + 
Grand Rapids
+ something else more imaginary. 

but because I love writing for it and it's the world I've been forming for so many years, I feel like it's sacred and I shy away from writing for it.

I think actually the next step is to not treat it as sacred and go all in on it in terms of execution. Wht do I have to lose? what do i fear i will lose? 

I'll tell you. I fear that I will lose my profound love for that world. 

BTW think it's hilarious you called Gabriel Gabe. Think that's the first time anyone's called him that here.
Abraham Kim

Flash Fiction Practice
Killing an afternoon

It was after dropping off Sal for his afternoon Chemistry class that she had a day to spare. Just a few hours more honestly, but hours in the afternoon seemed to stretch on for her these days. Mornings and evenings would fly by but the liminal space of sunny, summer...
Better than New York
It's very funny that you say that
sounds like your type of place. Because when I first read that few days ago I immediately thought that can't be true. How could Keni belong in a place like Westcity??!!

I now read this again and I think. Of course. Yes. She would belong there. I can't put it into words right now but I do see such a place for you there.

Forgive me if I ever turn attributes of you into characters within Westcity haha.
Abraham Kim

Flash Fiction Practice
Better than New York

The kind of town I like's a busy one. That's why I'm glad to have left New York, where you would think everyone was busy but they really aren't. As in they can take their long lunches and coffees. Their schedules are  booked for sure, but they can just move...

Flash Fiction Practice
An alcoholic town

I lived in a town with afternoons wide open to things like coffees, long lunches, and most importantly drinks. Although every one of my friends were employed in a variety of industries, you would think they all shared the same goal. To get out of working in the afternoon.


Abe's Glog
Rewriting is easier than writing

There's a strategy I've seen mentioned independently by some of the most prolific writers. John Swartzwelder puts it best here:

But I do have a trick that makes things easier for me. Since writing is very hard and rewriting is comparatively easy and rather fun, I always write my scripts all...

Flash Fiction Practice
Meeting Effie at the Diner

Ern contemplates it.

"Sure. I'll take that refill."

Already his second cup of coffee and Effie's no where to be found. She probably hasn't left the nursing home yet.

Ern keeps glancing at his phone, the only thing besides his coffee mug and a single sheet of moist napkin that's on...