A winter's day in summer

Today was a Zoom-Zoom club drive day. For God's sake, it was the middle of summer, but it felt like the middle of winter on today's drive. This type of weather is not uncommon for summer in Melbourne. The temperature never got above 15 degrees Celcius and the drizzly rain was enough to prevent the convertible tops from being rolled down. 

Though it was a bit wet, I still enjoyed getting out with fellow club members for a drive. As we drove around the picturesque Yarra Valley, you had to be careful on the wet roads. With bark and leave debris on the road, it can become very slippery when it is wet. A little more caution is required, as today was not a day to push your car to its limits.

A Zoom-Zoom drive day is never complete without a chat about the cars over a coffee. In our breaks from driving, I make a point of chatting with as many people as I can. I especially make a point of trying to find the new members of the club, perhaps on their first club drive, to welcome them aboard.

Though the weather wasn't the best, it was still a great drive, with a great group of people. 
I am not surprised that you would make it a point to welcome new members.
2021-02-07 18:05:37
Gee did winter hit the entire world all at once? There's gotta be soem place that's hit with a heat wave right now right?
2021-02-08 15:00:43

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