She wants me back

She sent me an email the other day like: hey been dreaming of you last night and you know I kinda miss you and yea hope you're still in love with me and you're not with some other chick.

And my answer was, yea you know I am with another chick we been having sex regularly since February and its fucking awesome.

And she was like, we have to talk on the phone

and I was like, okay.

So she called we talked for 2 hours on the phone and she managed to get inside my head. I was pissed off angry when i hang up. We ended our convo agreeing to meet next month take a 3 day trip somewhere nice and just talk and see if we can kick things off again or not and just cut contact 4 ever. For the sake of what used to be. I hate extremes, I hate ultimatums. She's pain mad and I love her still.

I've got mixed feelings now, nothing can be like it used to, I'm into this new girl, and maybe the middle path would be a threesome, I'll bring that up, this girl from Berlin is pretty damn awesome and I'm sure she'll b okay with it. Her? I dunno maybe but I'll ask
Bunch of journalists been searchin' for a story

My ex-girl been searchin' for a "sorry"

Couple bitches tryna have me on the Maury.

Like hipsta, it's yours, you should be supportin'

But where you been at? On tour, gettin' money

Y'all don't even really check for me

You ain't even hit me when that hipsta had threats for me, girl

You don't love me, you just say that shit to get to me, girl.

Own it,
Nothing was the Same

2022-06-14 23:04:28