You cook, I'll wash up

We have a rule in our household, whoever cooks dinner, doesn't have to do the dishes. I am sure this the practice in many families, but as I rarely cook, then I have become the chief dishwasher in our house.

Sometimes, the cook leaves an absolute mess for me to clean up, especially if we have guests over for dinner. On these occasions, the best approach is to start the clean up before the cook has finished. Cleaning away the used pots, pans, and utensils stacked in the sink as the cook discards them will ensure you are not overwhelmed by dirty dishes after you have eaten.

My wife is a great cook and likes to eat healthily. The variety and great taste is a hallmark of her cooking. If I need to cook, I usually prepare one of the Hello Fresh meals or its homemade pizza. I have no imagination at all when it comes to cooking. As a result, having to wash the dishes is a small price to pay for the great food I get to eat.

I like to have a spick and span kitchen, so I am always happy to move in and clean up the dishes at any time. After all, the dishes won't clean themselves.
Replies to You cook, I'll wash up
Fair trade-off. I prefer cooking to clean-up. 
2021-02-08 14:23:20
Clean up while cooking is key. Having a 80 percent clean kitchen right before the food is even served is a good sign.
2021-02-08 14:31:14