St. Vince's

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4. “Woah. Yo Wes man. Check out this room!” Roger said as Him, Katie, and Hazel entered with Wesley following closely behind and Grover and Danny bringing up the rear. 
“Hey Grover..” Danny whispered to him as the other four entered the room.
“Be careful when we leave. I’ve got a feeling we’re being watched.”
“Really, Danny.” Grover said. “did you see any cameras?”
“No, no cameras. I just have a bad feeling is all. Don’t try to run away if we get chased, okay?”
“You think we’ll get chased?” Grover asked.
“There’s a good chance. I saw like 4 security guards circling the building when we busted in through that window. I bet they’ve noticed by now”
“Woah really. Okay. Should I just hide then. I’m definitely not that fast.” Grover said sarcastically.
Danny chuckled slightly and Grover began to smile.
“Just find a bush to hide in, Grover.” Danny said then the two of them entered the mysterious blue room.

2. Earlier that day. Roger had excitedly told Grover that Wesley had invited the two of them to break into the old St. Vincent Memorial Hospital. An abandoned hospital that was mysteriously shut down in the 90s. The rumors were that they were running illegal human experiments on the top floors, but nothing had ever been confirmed. And Wesley wanted to see what was up there. It was also conveniently located behind Roger’s house, lying past a large field and the abandoned parking lot. The premises were heavily guarded. But Wesley knew the guards all took a smoke break every hour or so. His older brother, Cody Lachance tried to break in once a couple years back but couldn’t make it before being spotted. Grover was nervous about the whole thing and a little suspicious to why he had been invited. Roger made sense. He had become more popular over the past several weeks, and Wesley loved having him teach him Dutch swear words. But, Grover was sure Wesley knew he was connected to the jersey incident and was usually ignored whenever they happened to cross paths.  But Grover told him Wesley had mentioned how cool Wesley thought he was and how he wanted to hang out with him and get to know him better. Also knowing that the 2 girls were coming along made Grover feel better and less anxious about his trespassing abilities. Katie was always nice to him and Hazel and him knew each other pretty well seeing as they were in all the smart kid classes. 

1. “Yo bros. how about we break into that creepy old hospital tomorrow?” Wesley said as Danny, Derrick, and him drove back home after finishing basketball practice.
“Yeah! Let’s do it Wes. Sounds sweet!”
“What hospital?” Danny asked
“Come on Bender. How many abandoned hospitals are there in Oakwood?” Wesley said.
“Well you didn’t specially say abandoned.”
“Shut up Bender. I totally did.” Wesley said
“Yeah Bender!” Derrick chimed in.
“Alright alright. I know what you’re talking about. That old Memorial hospital, right?”
“Bingo Bender. St. Vincent’s memorial hospital. Boarded up before we were born boys. Back in 97. They say the ghosts of Dr. Macomb’s experiments still haunt the place.”
“Jamie says her dad died in that hospital.” Derrick said.
“Well, Jamie’s dad had cancer, Derrick.” Danny Bender said. 
“Alright boys. Danny can you bring your camera. That big Nikon one?” Wesley asked. “We might as well shoot some spooky vids. Plus… there’s a group of security guards that circle that place every single day of the year. There’s gotta be something in there…. And we’re gonna take it!”
“Sure Why not... Hey can I invite hazel?” Danny asked Wesley.
“Oooo, Danny wants to fuck Hazel.” Derrick sang.
“Come on, man. She’s my friend.”
“Shut up Bender.” Wesley said. “We all know you want Hazel to suck your cock.”
Danny punched Wesley in the shoulder.
“Admit it, Bender!”
“Fine.. Just a little.”
“Ha ha, I knew it, Wes!” Derrick said.
“It’s alright Bender, we all need our dick sucked every now and then. Plus Hazel has a great ass!” 
“I say we also Invite Katie. I too need a good dick sucking and.. Germany. It’s right behind his place too. Gotta love that guy.” Wesley said fondly. As they drew nearer to his house.
“Hmmm. And maybe we should invite his chubby little friend. Grover the pig.” Wesley said laughing.
Danny shifted in his chair uncomfortably. “I don’t know man. He’s gonna get caught.”
“Good, that’s what I figured too. It would make my fucking year to see Grover the pig get arrested.”
“Yeah, that would be great dude.” Said Derrick.
“But he’s going to get US caught.” Said Danny.
“Nah I don’t think so. The rest of us know how to run. Plus, he let those fucking jersey thieves get away. This will be pay back!”

3. “There he is!” Roger exclaimed quietly from his front yard.
“Where?” Said Wesley a little too loudly.
“Grover over here!” Roger called out.
Grover awkwardly jogged over and stood before the group slightly out of breath. “Hey guys. You ready?” Grover was wearing all black with night vision goggles. He also had a flashlight and a swiss army knife attached to his belt.”
Wesley snickered when he saw what Grover was wearing. 
“I always knew you were a ninja, Grover” He said and smacked him hard on the back.
“Alright, Let’s hit it guys!”
The group slowly made their way through the field talking quietly amongst themselves. When they got close to the parking lot, they hid behind 3 separate trees in pairs, Danny joining Roger and Grover. 
“Shit, that’s 4 security guards.. I don’t know about this.” Said Danny
“Make that 5” Said Grover. They waited quietly for about ten minutes watching the action of the five scary vehicles. Hazel and Katie started gossiping amongst themselves behind their tree, while Derrick and Wesley argued over who was better at basketball behind theirs.
“So What’s up there anyways?” Roger asked as he stared up at the dilapidated 13 story hospital. Most of the lights had burnt out, a couple lights flickering in the night. The parking lot was old and dilapidated as well, containing three white vans and a bunch of empty spaces. There was tall grass growing every which way popping up from the cracks in the pavement. 
“I looked it up online this afternoon.” Grover said.
“Apparently, they had to shut it down in March 1997. The building was too old and most of the pipes began to burst. Also, there was a scandal where 3 doctors were arrested and tried for unlawful practice of medicine.”
“What the hell does that mean?” Said Danny.
“I don’t know..” Said Grover. It was hard to find any information at all to be honest. I looked on Reddit and there are a lot of rumors about some rooms on the top floor. They say they were doing illegal drug testing and mind control research, but it sounds like BS.”
“Woah, like Stranger Things!” Said Roger with a heavy accent. “Maybe we’re gonna get some super powers.”
“Yeah sure. I’m good as long as I can read minds.” Said Danny.
“There’s this one room up there that people keep talking about. Someone even drew it out. They call it the portal room. Where apparently the government and those doctors experimented on entering people’s dreams.”
“Woah like inception.” Roger said. “This place is just a knockoff of my favorite movies.”
Grover and Danny laughed.
“I hope that room is up there though. It looked kind of Trippy.” Grover said.
“Alright guys, time to shine!” Wesley whispered from his tree.
The rest of the group looked over and saw the guards parked in a circle, each guard smoking a cigarette on the hood of their car. They seemed to be laughing and telling stories amongst each other. Extremely distracted.
The group ran across the lot and into a concave section of the building. Danny found a rock and used it to bust through a window, unlock it, and help them all inside.

5. The children stood in awe as they entered the blue room. It somehow glowed bright fluorescent blue even though there weren’t any working lights. The ceiling was incredibly high for a top story room and the room itself stretched on further than they could see. It was lined with tall black cabinets blocking their vision. The floors, walls and Ceiling of the room were covered with bright blue velvet carpeting. The kids explored the room, traversing through the maze of filing cabinets. Grover tried opening up one of the drawers that looked heavily used, but it was locked. Wesley from behind him kicked the cabinet hard and it opened. Grover reached in and grabbed a small slender blue key with a strange symbol on it. Wesley and him stared at it curiously. Grover started to hear a faint humming coming from the far left corner of the mysterious blue room. There seemed to be slightly less cabinets in that direction. He could here murmurs from the others coming from the other end of the large room.
“Hey where is that humming coming from.” Wesley called out, but no one seemed to hear him, but Grover. 
“Over here.” Grover said. “follow me.”
Wesley obeyed without arguing. He seemed frightened now in this room full of unknowns. Grover too felt slightly uneasy yet somehow was more in control. At the corner of the room passed the maze of filing cabinets was a skinny beige door, the only uncarpeted surface of the room. Wesley looked at the key in Grover’s hand grabbed it and unlocked the door. Inside the room it was pitch black, but Grover could tell it was much smaller. The one thing he could see was this white marble structure in the center of this smaller room. The two boys reached out blinded by the darkness and felt the surface of the marble structure. It looked like a column with a flat square surface on top. Taller than Grover, but short enough for him to see on his tippy toes. The humming grew louder. Grover felt around a noticed a small square concave. Like it was missing a chunk. 
“Hey, Grover look over there.” He said and pointed at the right wall
He pressed both his hands on the surface of the structure and something on the walls moved slightly. A small flickering. “Hey close the door.” Grover closed the door and they could see clearer. It looked like a door or opening of some sort, but it was very faint almost as if it were out of order somehow.

Katie and Hazel lay down on the blue carpeting and stared up at the ceiling. In the center was a small blue orb made out of some crystal material. That seemed to be the source of the glowing.
“I like this room.” Katie said. “I feel kind of drunk somehow. Like I’m being lulled to sleep.”
Roger leaned over against a filing cabinet.
“Wait.. Now that you mention it..” As he Leaned against the filing cabinet it started to lean over and was so close to crashing but derrick and Danny stopped it at the last second.
“Shit! Gotta be careful Germany.” Derrick said.
“Oh my god. Did you see that!.” Hazel called out.
“What Hazel! See What?” Katie said
Hazel slowly got up and walked toward the wall as fast as her sluggish legs could carry her. She felt around through the carpeting and pulled out a small camera.
“Shit Guys! this camera just moved!” She yelled panicking.
“We gotta get out of here! We’re being watched” Danny yelled.
“Grover! Wesley!” Roger called out. “Come on! There on to us. We’re leaving right now.”
Before they could hear a response the 5 teens quickly made their way down the stairs and darted into the neighborhood without being seen. They noticed the guards all running inside the building as they watched from Rogers backyard.
“Did you see them!” Roger asked.
“I hope they don’t get caught.” Hazel said worried as she stared at the large scary hospital.

“Oops.” One of the dumb security guards opened up the fire escape and triggered the alarm and it reverberated through the whole building. 

Grover and Wesley screamed in fear as they heard the alarms sound, red lights flashing in every direction. They darted down the halls and floors evading every guard they could. Grover followed closely behind Wesley running faster than he ever had in his life. Eventually they made it out. Grover could hear the footsteps of a couple guards 30 yards behind and could see one car slowly driving in the parking lot.
“Wait Wesley.” Grover said and grabbed Wesley’s arm. “Let’s hide behind this bush. They’ll catch us if we run.”
Wesley listened without having the time to think. The two boys crouched tightly together behind the bush watching the guards fly out of the building one by one. 2 guards stayed behind while the others had driven off someplace else. The boys stayed there for 1 more hour until the 2 guards went inside to look around some more. Then they ran through the lot and field to Rogers house. Nobody was there waiting for them, but it was clear they had all gone home. 
“Shit Grove man, that was intense.” Wesley said. “You still have the key?”
But before Grover could answer a car flew into Wesley knocking him high into the air crashing with a loud thud on the dark pavement. The car drove quickly by without stopping., It looked like the front bumper had been heavily damaged.  Grover tried to catch the license plate number, but couldn’t make it out. He then turned and ran toward Wesley his legs bent in horrible directions. He quickly took out his phone and called the one guy you call when this kind of thing happens. Georgie.

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