It just wasn’t working

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PT awoke in one of the 5 empty rooms in Zach’s house. He looked at his phone, it was a text from Jasmine.
“I don’t think we can see each other anymore. I’m sorry.” 
He felt a deep pit in his stomach. 
“What? Why not?”
“Can we talk?” He texted.
He was shocked by this turn of events at first, before deciding it made at least some sense. They had hung out 3 full days the past week and it seemed like things were alright, maybe a little less exciting than before. He had stopped caring much about the packages and blue box and the initial thrill they had discovering the clues had faded. But, he enjoyed having her around. It felt good that a beautiful interesting woman liked spending time and having sex with him. It had been awhile since he’d been desired in that way and it boosted his confidence to have finally obtained it again. They should’ve gone out more he thought or done fun things. All the did the past week was hang around Zach’s house, watch movies, and talk. He had put in very little work for his job and was able to spend a lot of time with her. Maybe he wasn’t in tune with how she felt at all. In fact, it didn’t even occur to him that she would get bored of him and leave. Just the fact that he had obtained her or almost obtained her fulfilled him. Now she was done with him. Just like that.
“No, I’m sorry. It just wasn’t working for me.”
“Alright… Why don’t you want to see me anymore? I thought we were getting close.”
“You did? It didn’t feel like it was going anywhere. We were just addicted to the thrill.” Jasmine texted
“Well, we can go back to the post office and figure out what that last photo means.”
“It’s ok. I don’t think I care anymore actually and I wasn’t really feeling it the past week. We just sat around. You never wanted to do anything.”
“Well I think we can make it work.”
“We don’t have to force things. It just wasn’t working. I still think you’re a good guy and everything.”
“Ok. Well good luck with everything.”
“You too!”
“Thanks for doing this over text!” Pt texted sarcastically
“I’m sorry. We just weren’t that close so I thought it was fine. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” Jasmine texted.
“What do you mean? I thought we really liked each other. I guess you were just lying.”
“I’m sorry if I lead you on. I didn’t think you really understood me at all and it seemed like you just took me for granted after we started having sex and you’re just kind of complacent about everything.”
“Whatever. Have fun mooching off your parents..”
He threw his phone off the bed and pulled the covers over his face, the scent of Jasmine's perfume still on them. Jasmine was really the only thing going for him lately, now it felt like he had nothing. In fact, he did. He lost pretty much everything he owned in the fire. He had been wearing Zach’s clothes having been too lazy to drive and buy some new clothes. At least he had a car and a wallet. Zach had lent him his old laptop to work on, but he hadn’t really done anything since he told his boss about the fire. She seemed sorry for him and allowed him to take it easy for the time being. Now that Jasmine had left his life, he saw how much of a loser he really was. Cassie had come back earlier in the week and he lied over the phone about how Todd was killed in the fire. The fire that he had supposedly started. She was pretty torn up about it, but the fire shielded him from any blame. In fact, she seemed really worried about him and he allowed her to grieve for his losses. This made him feel good at the time and maybe Todd was long gone or killed in another way. But, he hoped they'd reunite someday. So what if it ruined his lie.. He really was worthless he thought. He tried going back to sleep, but couldn’t get himself to. The pain of Jasmine’s texts and his antagonistic responses was still too raw draining him of both energy and the ability to sleep. He left the house as Zach slept in and bought some chick filet, Redbulls, and a vape. He returned home curled up on the couch and watched Game of Thrones a show he’d seen 3 times before.
“You look comfy..” Zach said when he got up.
“Where’s your pretty friend?”
“Oh.. She has stuff to do.” He didn’t really feel like talking about it.
Sensing he was in a bad mood, Zach left him alone the rest of the day as he got through season 1. At around 11:00 pm he decided to go outside for a walk. Jasmine hadn’t texted him since the morning. It seemed like that was really the end of things between them. 
Zach lived in small neighborhood that was owned by some realty company. All the houses were identical and owned by mostly old white people. After walking around for 45 minutes huffing his vape the whole time he started to turn back towards Zach’s. As he walked and vaped he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Something white and fluffy. Todd! He called out. Instead of coming to him Todd started running in the opposite direction. Was that really Todd he thought or just some similar white dog. He wished it was so he could make Cassie happy again and do at least one worthwhile thing. He ran after Todd as the dog zigzagged through the dark quiet neighborhood and into the dark woods at the end of the neighborhood. When he got to the woods he realized there was no trail. He pushed aside some branches and started to forge his own path seeing Todd hop around way in the distance, his white fur glowing. Further in the distance he could hear a laugh. The laugh of that mysterious PO box guy. "Good boy Toddy" He said 
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“Can we talk?” He texted.

lol talking is too late by the time someone says this
2022-06-18 14:48:25
lol yeah. but you might crave less distance
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PO Box 915