Drag Bingo

My buddy said that this week there was a company-wide event called "Drag Bingo." Presumably, this event was supposed to be tied to the celebration of Pride month. There appears to be some uncertainty about where the term "drag" came from, but for those who don't know, the typical practice involves men dressing in traditional women's clothing and make-up.

If there were ever an activity for which I am definitely not in the audience, it would be dressing in drag. I have zero interest in dressing in drag or watching people who are dressing in drag. I don't get the appeal. The make-up is comical, and many of these hulking frames dressed in tight-fitting dresses look rather odd. But maybe this is the point? To be a spectacle and get noticed?

Some may label me insensitive or not inclusive for having such an opinion, but this is America and we are entitled to our opinions, aren't we?

Just because I'm not in the audience doesn't mean there isn't an audience for such content. Someone called Ru Paul has certainly made a career out of it. I say let your freak flag fly and to each his own, but is this something we need to be exposed to and asked to participate in at work?  
>But maybe this is the point? To be a spectacle and get noticed?

2022-06-25 23:01:24