# I have COVID
Yesterday and as specially the night before I had fever and headache. Now i feel so much better. It messed up all my plans. Can't go to yoga, can't go to work. Fuck.

Saturday i was at a wedding. The day before on the day before.i was at a party. Sunday i was out with a bunch of friends at a lake. I'm pretty sure i have infected many people. Oups. Sorry.
Yeah I'm okay now but this COVID sucks so bad. Messed up my schedule, can't go to yoga, can't go to work. And i just missed on a date with w pretty girl tonight. (Se wanted to come over and i tell her better not too, for her own sake) 
2022-06-24 19:41:11
Apart from that my smell and taste are not as accurate as they used to be 
2022-06-24 19:41:59
couldn't you two just have sex with a mask on?

lol jk

hope you get well soon, sir.
2022-06-25 03:24:29
I've been flirting with this girl since a while, and things been going smooth so far. I don't want to have sex with a mask on my face (for the first time).

I have not written or read much since I got sick at COVID. I have just been tired and sleeping a lot. This disease sucks, do not get infected if you can; wear a mask or not, do what you want, but do not get sick. The first day I had pain all over my body. The next day I had a fever, headache, and kidney pain. Fortunately, that subsided. It took me a while to recover from it. Now I don't have any symptoms, but the tests still come out positive and I hate being indoors. I just look forward to taking up my activities as usual.
2022-06-25 21:25:38