Life Change - Tracking Fitbit Samsung Health

As I wrote yesterday (, I want to track some statistics from my life. Right after writing, I went to the bathroom to get my Fitbit scale. Using the
API isn't complicated, and I quickly pulled the weight and other body data from it.

But, my scale is too old. I tried to reset it, clear everything on it and reconnect it to my account. After around half an hour of tinkering, I finally gave up. At least it still shows my weight when I'm stepping on it. Which means manually adding my weight to my tracking database. Of course, that is an inconvenience, but since I'm manually adding my blood pressure values in the morning, it is just one more value to enter.

Since I'm also interested in my blood sugar levels, I checked out some of those without no-stabbing devices. I didn't expect them to be so expensive. The most commonly used here in Austria seems to be the one from Abbot (the "freestyle"). There is even a BlueTooth version, but one of those skin sensors is around 60€, and you need a new one every two weeks. No wonder you can get them with a prescription from your doctor (letting your insurance cover it). Although I'm interested in my blood sugar levels, I will not pay 30€ a week for it. Maybe I'm going to buy a cheap one where you have to puncture your skin, but you can get 30 days for around 20€. Not cheap, but not as expensive as the other.

The next step now is to integrate sleep and steps via
Samsung Health
. I briefly checked the API yesterday and it also doesn't seem to be complicated to query it for the desired data. 

I did also find a program to track my device usage (work pc, home pc, MacBook, telephone and Tablet). It is mainly used to be more productive at work, but I'm just looking to integrate the useagetime of all devices together. I wonder if I will be shocked by my screen time (I think so).

As for manual data entering I'm thinking about building a telegram bot or maybe a slack integration (I'm already using slack for some automations), so I can easily add things on the go. I'm thinking about a simple "kg 105.5" for my weight and "bp 125/90/82" for blood pressure. But that is something to think about tomorrow. :)
If you can tolerate pricking your finger all the time, then that is the cheaper option. I did it for a year and that was enough for me. The Freestyle Libre is a great option for a CGM. Even if you only do it for two weeks, the results will be eye-opening. 
2022-06-21 17:01:07
One of my grandfathers punched his fingers for 20 years or so, so I think I’m hardened on that part. :)

I think I will need to punch the numbers. Considering doing it for the next X years (just for fun) it would be a no brainier to keep using the “traditional” method, but on the other side, the “digital/direct” method has the advantage that I could get continuous data (which are available via API I think). Maybe I call my family doctor if we could get the freestyle device on prescription which would make it way cheaper (maybe 20€ / month).
2022-06-21 17:32:06