This isn't YOUR software.

Little kids and software developers both know the secret to happiness is adding more to your plate than you can comfortably eat -- just because you can.

It starts off reasonably enough.

One creative user thinks it would be great if there was a button that could do X - some work or view in addition to what already exists in the software. The responsive developer can agree there are times when X would be useful, helpful, valuable even. They add "Make the X Button" to their list of things to do. A week later, before the existing features are fully tested, the X Button silently appears on the screen.

Now, all the current users get to push the X button. Some avoid it. For many, it works as planned. For others, it fails. Neither group really understands why the new X button is here; some like it; others avoid it. Those who see it fail are the ones being trained to resist new features. Those who didn't ask for it but now see it cluttering their new interface sigh with resignation. The trial and error and feedback process is the pumping heart of innovation. You didn't ask for X - but now you have it.

Just remember, even though you may be paying for it, this isn't YOUR software. You are the USER.
Will CohortCode teach me how to build software that is MINE? 
2021-02-10 01:18:22
Ackshully, the favicon suggests otherwise. You're welcome everyone. 
2021-02-11 14:30:42